Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Pre-recorded lessons or live lessons via Zoom are designed to engage students in creative thinking and creative doing all while using simple materials found at home or using materials in ArtReach Artist Kits that students receive. Each lesson will have a Warm-Up which will vary from story reading or movement. Each lesson will include content standards, subject integration, themes and strategies of Social Emotional Learning, art history, key terms, and is designed to accommodate all grade levels, K-12.

There’s something hopeful about the ordinary objects a child sees every day decontextualized into a found-object sculpture they create for themselves, telling a story about who they are today and who they want to be for themselves and others.

Artist Kits

Individual art lessons packaged up with new art supplies, ready to be picked up or delivered to your school for distribution to students. These can be paired with distance learning lessons or followed along with included printed lesson plans, no technology needed.

Supported Learning Goals

Social Emotional Learning, Health and Wellness, Art History, STEAM, IB, VAPA Standards, Middle and High School Science, Math, and Literature. Our highly skilled and experienced Teaching Artists re-contextualize art in many different disciplines, proving its accessibility and relevance to all strands of education and higher learning.

Let’s design something that fits your needs!


Contact Brooke Benedix, Program Manager at brooke@artreachsandiego.org.