8th Grade Garden Mural Project // June 2021

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PRIDE Academy // Santee

Mural Artist: Hanna Gundrum

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This bright, bold, and colorful garden mural celebrates growth, transformation, healthy eating, and nature!  Hanna Gundrum led the 8th grade students to work together to come up with much of the imagery seen here: bright daisies, strawberries with bites taken out of them, a camouflaged gecko, and more. The 8th grade mural artists spent 4 paint sessions painting the majority of this long stretch of wall with focus, creativity, enthusiasm, and care. This mural is a reminder of the benefits of teamwork : it could not have happened without everyone working together in collaboration. This work serves as a legacy piece for the 8th graders: a contribution and gift to PRIDE before they leave for high school. As the seasons change, new seeds will be planted, and new growth will occur. This big new mural will continue to help cultivate this garden space as one for reflection, gathering, and tending the earth.