Exercise the Dream // June 2023

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Health Station // Chula Vista

Mural Artist: Isabel Halpern

Exercise the Dream // June 2023
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Welcome to Health Station! This mural, designed by artist Isabel Halpern, invites visitors to the classroom space at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center with a burst of dynamic color. Painted by Chula Vista Elementary School 4th grade students during summer camp programming, this design encompasses a diverse range of athletic imagery, including the iconic Olympic rings, an expansive and stretching track, nature-inspired elements, and the Health Station logo. Health Station provides a unique learning experience for Chula Vista Elementary School District 4th grade students by offering insights and education into various careers in the athletic field and hands-on training within an Olympic-level elite facility.

This design draws inspiration from the renowned Olympic pictograms, which symbolize the spirit of the Olympics Games. These pictograms not only depict historic sports like track and field and rowing but also showcase Paralympic sports such as wheelchair racing and archery. The focal point pictogram scene features a sports medicine physician taping the ankle of an athlete, highlighting the importance of sports medicine within the training facility and showcasing this as a potential career path. While discovering potential careers, students at Health Station learn crucial lessons like taping ankles and making model prosthetics, connecting hands-on learning to real-life experiences.

One of the fundamental values that Health Station instills in students is the significance of movement and physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. This is shown through various elements and shapes of energetic motion as well as the red heart monitor line. Cloud shapes turn into water which turns into a sandy beach landscape – paying homage to the adjacent beach volleyball courts and the scenic Otay Lake, a peaceful view that is visible from the classroom.

This mural encapsulates the essence of movement, inclusivity, health, and teamwork in the lives of young athletes and students. As the track and field sprinter is beginning their race at the starting line, so are so many of the students that will come through Health Station- beginning their journeys of health education and career exploration.

This project was made possible by the City of Chula Vista and the Chula Vista Library through the Create Chula Vista Visual Arts Grant.