Makers Space // April 2023

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Sound Station // Chula Vista

Mural Artist: Dave ‘Persué’ Ross

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Designed by legendary graffiti artist Dave ‘Persué’ Ross, this piece welcomes all students to the immersive Makers Space within Sound Station. In this room, students will be tinkering, creating, and learning about a myriad of potential careers within the arts.

Persué’s design features some of his most iconic and recognizable characters, BunnyKitty and Rilla (the Gorilla), intermingling with musical elements, such as an electric guitar and a variety of speakers. This mural also ties into his other mural, which can be seen at the Len Moore Skatepark next door, that also features prominent characters BunnyKitty and Rilla. The skateboard that Rilla is riding on is a direct callout to the skatepark next door, as well as Persue’s lifelong involvement in the skateboarding community. Persué’s vibrant and dynamic mural is a playful and colorful addition to the Sound Station, and it will serve to inspire the many students that visit.

The Sound Station experience is a collaboration between the Chula Vista Elementary School District and the City of Chula Vista. The Sound Station aims to immerse students in the creative process while simultaneously identifying their strengths and interests in potential careers in Southern California’s burgeoning creative economy.

This project was made possible by the City of Chula Vista and the Chula Vista Library through the Create Chula Vista Visual Arts Grant.