Access to Art

Our core values include linking Title I elementary schools that have no funding for visual arts education with free or very low-cost standards-based, skill building instruction during the school day.  Read on to determine if your school is eligible for this program or submit an application

Is my school eligible for a free program?

Any K- 6 Title I school that meets need criteria may apply for a free ten day program (3 classes of art instruction each day).  Schools are eligible if they:

  • Have a Title I designation.
  • Do not have formalized visual arts education on campus.
  • Have no funding for visual arts education.
  • There is a compelling need.

How does a school apply for a free program?

You will find the fillable application form here.

If you would prefer to download the application and mail or email it in, click here.

If my school applies, are we guaranteed to receive a free program?

Our ability to provide free programs depends on our income from grants, fundraising events, program income, corporate, and individual donations.  ArtReach strives to connect at least ten schools each year to free or very low-cost instruction, and often exceeds this goal.  Schools that apply but do not receive programs will be placed on a wait list. We will contact wait-list schools as soon as funding allows.

How many years may a school receive free programming?

Schools may receive a free program (ten days) for up to two years. After that, we request that schools pay 20% or more of the program costs. A typical ten-day program costs about $6,000 or $600/day for instruction, materials and curriculum development.

Which students get the free instruction?

Each school determines the classes that will receive free instruction.  The ArtReach Program Manager will work with a contact at your school to create a schedule and to discuss lessons.

Are your Teaching Artists Volunteers?

No. Each of our artistic team makes a living creating art and passing on their knowledge and skill to youngsters in our community.  We value these creative professionals and are honored to have them on our team. We always say, without our Teaching Artists, the program would be a pile of art supplies.