Students Say…

“Art is not always perfect but is always beautiful. We can all be better learners. We really enjoyed art with you and we know that it costs money to have more ArtReach class with us.  Without ArtReach we couldn’t have art.” – Foster Elementary Student

“Thank you so much for teaching me how to express myself because I used to be sort of embarrassed to show my artwork, but now I am not.  And you showed me that I have many talents inside of me. I used to think I was just a regular girl who’s not good at anything.” – Jefferson Elementary Student

After co-creating an 88-foot school mural with teaching artist Isabel Halpern at Montgomery Middle School, all 150 7th grade San Diego students reflected on the process to imagine a meaningful mural design of their own.  Here is a selection from one student’s statement that encompasses the power and importance of youth designed murals. (we can’t wait to show you her design!)

“I chose to make a piece that really represents me. I’m epileptic and I made this to remind myself I’m not alone. There were no problems in deciding what I wanted to do for the mural. I know it should represent an important part of my life. I would paint this mural on the side of the Epilepsy Foundation. I made it in the desert to remind myself where I had my first seizure, on the dirt field at Linda Vista Elementary School.  It’s for the people of San Diego.” – ArtReach Student  Artist Statement “Fight” 2018

Teachers Say…

“I can’t tell you what a wonderful experience it was! It was exhilarating to see them so engaged in their artwork and their own designs and thinking. I never knew I had such talented students!” -Juliane Krueger-Selle, Science, Montgomery STEAM Magnet Middle School

“The talent and creative abilities within our students are immense.  ArtReach has been essential in liberating the imaginative aptitude they possess, as we do not have an internal art program. ArtReach has helped us bring art to students who would not normally have the opportunity to experience it in such a high quality way.As principal, my focus is to ensure that our students experience and have access to the same opportunity to grow academically, socially and artistically  ArtReach helps me and our school accomplish that goal.” – Dr. Daniel Parquette, former Ramona Elementary Principal

“This program has allowed our students to express their creativity in ways they can’t in a traditional classroom.  Students that might not be the leader in their class when it comes to reading and math become leaders during ArtReach.” – Kathy Burns, Gage Elementary Principal