Visual arts education programs during normal school hours. Artmaking provides a conduit for igniting the creativity that already resides within, helps students process and express feelings, fosters community with peers, and builds self-esteem.

Collaborative youth-driven murals at schools and community sites. Murals provide an opportunity for youth to work alongside their peers with a professional Mural Artist while creating something transformative and lasting for their community.

Artist-led creative youth development workshops outside of normal school hours. Students in non-traditional school settings benefit from a curriculum adjusted for smaller class sizes, a variety of learning needs, and flexible student schedules.

SPARK brings art expertise into classrooms, partnering local artists with teachers to create custom projects that align with various subjects. Students engage in collaborative art projects that foster creativity, personal perspectives, and relationship-building skills.

A dynamic resource that brings the ArtReach experience to you. Designed to go beyond geographical barriers and schedule limitations, it brings the joy of creating to students wherever they are, through skill-building worksheets, student resources, educator guides, and supply lists.

Discover ArtReach’s upcoming community events and workshops! We collaborate with local organizations to offer a wide variety of artmaking at ArtReach HQ and beyond, providing free & affordable art opportunities for creatives of all ages. Join us and unleash your creativity!

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