ArtReach is seeking youth artists to submit mini masterpieces for a Youth Art Show inspired by dreams. Submissions must be exactly 6 inches wide by 6 inches tall, and are due by Thursday, August 1st, 2024.

All art received by this date will be exhibited and sold at Liberty Station Artwalk August 3rd-4th. 100% of the proceeds from this project support ArtReach’s mission to ignite youth creativity through visual arts expression and community connection.

Our creative prompt, “Where do your dreams take you?” explores Social-Emotional Learning concepts by cultivating imagination and fostering self-awareness. Delving into the landscapes of dreams enhances our understanding of emotions and aspirations, contributing to overall emotional intelligence.

When creating mini masterpieces, youth will explore their artistic expressions by visualizing where their dreams can take them! In creating a picture of dreams, symbolism, the use of images of objects to represent deeper meanings and ideas, can help to use imagery, colors, or shapes to convey emotions, experiences, or concepts that may not be directly shown. For example, a butterfly can symbolize transformation or freedom.

Visualizing dreams can be done in many different ways! Utilizing abstract or representational art can help translate your dreams into reality.

Who is eligible to participate?
All youth between the ages of 4-18 are encouraged to submit artwork.

Do I have to be local to participate?
No, all youth ages 4-18 are encouraged to submit artwork. Submissions may be mailed at your own cost to our P.O. Box by August 1, 2024. Delivery Address: ArtReach c/o Anna Laroque, P.O. Box 3999, San Diego, CA, 92163.

What materials should be used to create the artwork?
Any material is acceptable as long as the final piece is 6″ x 6″. Please consider using a sturdy material so the artwork can stand or lean on its own. Some ideas are thick paper, stretched or unstretched canvas, wood, cardboard, illustration board, etc…

What are the size specifications?
The artwork should be exactly 6 inches wide by 6 inches tall. Please, no more than one and a half inches in depth.

Does the artwork need to include hanging hardware?

When and where will the artwork be sold?
Artwork can be viewed and purchased in Liberty Station starting August 3 at 10am and ending August 4 at 5pm. Additional art will be sold in our online store and at future events.

Will all the artwork submitted be displayed at Liberty Station Artwalk?
Artwork will be accepted at the discretion of ArtReach staff. As long as the artwork is 6 inches by 6 inches, responds to the prompt, and is created by a youth artist, then it will be exhibited in our Youth Art Show.

If I want to purchase artwork, how will I receive it?
Artwork purchased during Artwalk can be taken home that day. All other pieces sold online can be picked up from ArtReach or mailed to you. If the artwork needs to be shipped within the US, additional costs may apply.