“Art is not always perfect but is always beautiful. We can all be better learners. We really enjoyed art with you, and know that it costs money to have ArtReach classes. Without ArtReach we couldn’t have art.”

-Foster Elementary Student

“Thank you so much for teaching me how to express myself. I used to be sort of embarrassed to show my artwork, but now I am not. I used to think I was just a regular girl who’s not good at anything, but you showed me that I have many talents inside of me.”

-Ramona Elementary Student

“When I make art, I feel creative and like I can express what I want in ways that can be observed and perceived differently. Art has taught me that one piece of art can be interpreted in various ways.”

-St. Rita’s School Student

“The mural showed us how a bunch of individuals with one goal can come together and be creative. We hope that this painting motivates other students as a symbol of collective effort for years to come.”

-PRIDE Academy Student

“Thank you for letting us 5th graders help paint the mural. I’m glad that I could leave a piece of me at this school. I think the mural will lighten up the school. It will be a staple of this school for a very, very, very long time.”

-Pacific View Leadership Elementary School Student

On my first day with ArtReach, I already felt like I was gaining so much. I enjoy connecting with different people and fostering a creative environment that reflects the joy within those communities. I’m gaining first-hand work experience while simultaneously spending days doing what I love, painting!

-Chloe M., ArtReach Mural Artist Apprentice

“ArtReach’s program has provided an invaluable experience for our students. The regularity of instruction is what promotes student growth in artistic ability and confidence. The teachers meet students as artists, not as struggling students, behavior problems, or underachievers. This fresh perspective gives students a new opportunity for success.”

-Holly Gledhill, Madison Avenue Elementary School Teacher

“We cannot say enough about the truly passionate staff and the beautiful relationships they have with teaching artists – the entire experience was wonderful. These students and schools are so lucky to have people like ArtReach bringing creative experiences to their students and art to their campuses.”

-Kara West, Gensler San Diego

“A window of possibility has been opened. Some of our students who deal with social and emotional problems found an outlet to express themselves in art, which has been helpful in guiding students in using strategies to support their mental health.”

-Pixie Sulser, Ramona Elementary School Principal

“Individual work was skillfully blended into unique collaborative pieces for each participant. This process was a powerful method that emphasized the existence of each individual’s expression and the interdependence that exists in every community. Amazing, relevant, and spot on facilitation by ArtReach. Extremely satisfying to see the outcomes of our Foundation’s support.” 

-Pete Cohen, Lawrence A. Appley Foundation

“The College Area Business District truly enjoyed working with ArtReach’s Mural Project from start to finish. The team was easy to work with and the artistic design process was amazingly inclusive! So much input was given to them and they made exactly what the project was meant to be, a beautiful piece of art that the entire community helped to create, paint and enjoy! We want more, PLEASE!”

-Jim Schneider, College Area Business District, Executive Director

“ArtReach strives to reflect the communities they serve and provide opportunities for neighborhoods to interact with student art. Since my first experience with the organization, ArtReach has grown in scope and today its reach extends to more and more communities.”

-Roberto A. Corona, San Diego Unified School District