ArtReach Learning Portal

We’d like to introduce you to the ArtReach Learning Portal, a dynamic new resource that brings the ArtReach experience to you. Designed to go beyond geographical barriers and schedule limitations, our portal brings the joy of creating to students wherever they are.

All ten video lessons in the ArtReach Learning Portal include skill-building worksheets, student resources, educator guides, and supply lists!

Video Art Lessons

Enjoy ten, professional quality, video art lessons that take you and your students through each project from start to finish. The video lessons cover social-emotional learning, contemporary art connections, and the entire art making process. Put the video on and create with your students while we take care of instruction!

Educator Resource Library

Each lesson is accompanied by educator and student resources. A detailed educator guide covers the lesson, social-emotional connections, and gives teachers guidance on how to talk about art and expand the project with different age groups. Student resources are provided in English and Spanish to assist students in conceptualizing, planning, and creating their artwork.

Member Support

Have a question for us? We’re here to help you implement these art lessons in your classroom! From technical support to creative suggestions, we’re here to ensure your art time is fun and successful.

Membership Features

An ArtReach Learning Portal membership brings the ArtReach experience to your students.

Fall 2021

“The Portal” started as a dream to create a space for hosting art lessons online. We began brainstorming how to increase access for students and to help classroom teachers integrate art into their daily curriculum, on their own timeline.

Summer 2022

We began outlining what “The Portal” would offer: high-quality, full-length video lessons, educator guides, lesson plans, and student resources, including technique practice worksheets available in both English and Spanish.

Spring 2023

Development of “The Portal” officially started! ArtReach Teaching Artists created ten new contemporary art lessons with Social-Emotional Learning themes, wrote their own scripts, and spent hours rehearsing to get everything just right.

Summer 2023

ArtReach HQ transformed into a temporary filming studio where all ten video lessons were filmed in-house by Riot House Pictures to create the new ArtReach Learning Portal.

Fall 2023

The online platform was built and the components of the ArtReach Learning Portal were finalized: ten video lessons, educator guides, skill-building worksheets, student resources, and supply lists.

January 2024

The ArtReach Learning Portal will go live and be ready for students and teachers to access and create with!

Nurturing emotional intelligence alongside artistic expression is vital in empowering students to navigate both their creative pursuits and their personal lives with confidence and empathy.

ArtReach Teaching Artists created standards-based, engaging lessons from concept to completion. The quality of our instructional content directly impacts the learning and creating experience for teachers and students. We wanted to make sure the ArtReach Learning Portal reflected the same high standard that carries across everything we do.

Sierra · “We are beyond excited to delve into this new venture and to increase access to visual arts education in a new way! When we created these lessons, we envisioned how they could help bring more art into classrooms. We see artistic magic happen every day in our residencies and that’s what inspired us when we filmed the videos and put together all the lesson content.”

Angela · “Our commitment to this process only mirrors our passion for fostering creativity and artistic expression. We hope our carefully crafted lessons will make a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of those we hope to serve.”

Laurie · “With a focus on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, each of the ten diverse art projects was carefully designed to encourage personal growth and emotional development.”