What Makes Your Heart Happy? // January 2020

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Carson Elementary // Linda Vista

Mural Artist: Isabel Halpern

What Makes Your Heart Happy? // January 2020
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What makes your heart happy? Students at Carson Elementary were asked this question on their first day of Mural Club. After getting paper shapes and scissors, the kids responded by making planets, sailboats, robots, trees, fruit, rocket ships and more. Much of what they made was directly transferred into the design of their new fun and playful mural. The ArtReach Mural Program prides itself in involving students in mural making from concept to completion. We absolutely love, for example, how we, adults, could have never made a palm tree like the one you see here. Only a kid could have placed those palm shapes ever so freely. Paper shapes made by hands, now painted by those same hands on the wall. Robot lemon moonbeam dreams.

In addition to designing and painting their mural, students also were engaged in individual take-home art projects during the Mural Club. As with all of our murals, we celebrated when it was finished by having a ribbon cutting and unveiling event. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and teachers/staff from the Carson school community came together to celebrate the youth who added new art to their school. Each student got their own certificate and there was much joy to be had. Hooray Mural!