What Makes Us CHET // May 2021

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Chet F. Harritt School // Santee

Mural Artist: Isabel Halpern

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This mural was designed and painted by a group of 7th and 8th grade artists. Led by Isabel Halpern, this mural serves to welcome all to a colorful and transformative campus. The students played a direct role in the design of this mural. As a group, they decided collaboratively on four themes that represent Chet : The Cheetah, Nature of Santee, STEAM, and Togetherness/Kindness. After deciding on the themes, smaller groups of 2 or 3 students, each got to then work on specifically what goes inside each letter with their corresponding theme. The groups spent much time and care and focus sketching out their ideas and drawings for what should go inside each letter. What we see and what they came up with is the Chet Cheetah in “C” looking out towards the horizon- to the beautiful nature seen in Santee and on field trips to Big Rock Park (“H”). The “E” shows all of the elements of Chet being a proud and thriving STEAM school, with math, technology, art, engineering, and science symbolism. And lastly, the “T” shows togetherness. Holding hands reaching out in support, acceptance, and collaboration. A closed eye breathing through difficult times, with tears as raindrops watering and changing into the hope and newness of a growing flower.