We Grow Together, Crecemos Como Comunidad // April 2023

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Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School // Chula Vista

Mural Artist: Hanna Gundrum

We Grow Together, Crecemos Como Comunidad // April 2023
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This vibrant and striking mural was created in collaboration with the Chula Vista Learning Community Charter School 6th grade class of 2023. Led and designed by Lead Artist Hanna Gundrum, this mural features an eclectic mix of imagery including the school’s mascot, a soccer ball, flowers, books, a paper airplane, a paint palette, and the CVLCC’s 25th-anniversary logo dedicating 25 years of learning in the community.

Over 120 6th-grade students contributed their time and focus in painting this stunning mural. In addition to painting, the participants also had the opportunity to contribute their ideas for what they envisioned on the final mural design during ArtReach-led mural introduction workshops. Inspired by student and staff input, Hanna created a scene that encompasses the many core values of the colorful CVLCC family: pride, growth, creativity, the arts, and community.

A direct student drawing, the paper airplane, symbolizes the 6th grade students’ flight and journey forward into middle school and the various flowers serve to symbolize their growth along the way. Specifically, the passion flower vine grows just around the corner in the school’s garden. The focal points of the calm jaguar and the school logo represent pride in belonging to the CVLCC family. A big and bright soccer ball serves to illustrate the love of sports and outdoor activities that occur in the field right next to the mural during and after school, while the paintbrush and palette are there to mark the creative arts. Finally, the phrases “We Grow Together” and “Crecemos Como Comunidad” highlight CVLCC’s unique position as a dual-language school and ultimately encompass a sense of belonging: that growth and achievement happen when working together.

This project was funded in part by the TahDah Foundation.