7th Grade Mural Project // February 2021

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PRIDE Academy // Santee

Mural Artist: Hanna Gundrum

2021-01-20 09.42.54
2021-01-20 09.46.15-1
2021-01-20 11.08.47 copy
2021-02-03 10.39.12 copy
2021-01-20 10.37.48
2021-01-20 10.18.25
2021-01-20 12.10.18-1
2021-01-20 12.10.39-1
2021-01-20 10.40.28
2021-01-20 09.36.56
2021-02-03 11.08.48 copy
2021-01-20 10.38.00
2021-02-03 10.37.39 copy
2021-01-20 10.32.09
2021-01-20 11.31.27
2021-01-20 09.56.46

A lightbulb of color. A caterpillar inching through the rain to become a butterfly. A strong and sturdy anchor. An anatomical heart with patterns of flowers. These are some of the many images and symbols that make up this two-wall youth-designed and painted mural. Hanna Gundrum led the 7th-grade students to work together to come up with the stunning imagery. They contributed their time, care, and focus in helping paint these two large walls from top to bottom. This mural adds bright positivity, bold color, and uplifting feelings, serving as a welcoming addition to the upper part of campus and nearby preschool. Leaving a lasting gift and contribution to their school community, the 7th grade class of 2020/21 truly came together to share their ideas and collaborate on new hope and perseverance during this unique and difficult year. What symbol or section do you connect to most on this mural?