Legacy // March 2023

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Rosebank Elementary // Chula Vista

Mural Artist: Josué Baltézar

IMG_6518 2

This mural was created with the Rosebank Elementary 6th grade class of 2023. This bold, bright, and beautiful design by Lead Artist Josué Baltézar (a Rosebank Elementary alum!) creates a stunning piece for this active area of campus.

In addition to painting the mural, the 6th grade students also had an opportunity to offer their own design ideas for what they wanted to see on this wall space. Drawing on inspiration from both students and staff, Josué created a scene of the Chula Vista landscape: the ocean, mountains, living coast, and joyful sun. The cresting wave imagery symbolizes forward movement and success, while the broader concept of water represents resilience and our shared humanity. The mirroring coral plants are symbols of community and oneness: working together to build something bigger than ourselves. Of course, the focal point of the mural is the mascot of Rosebank: the calm panther looking towards the horizon, instilling both school and individual pride in all students. Many 6th grade participants drew birds, which Josué included as a representation of hope and of each student’s unique flight and journey throughout elementary school and their future educational careers. Lastly, there are various different plants throughout, symbolizing transformation, growth, and diversity.

The five roses in this design each represent one of Rosebank’s 5 core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Perseverance. We hope that when students walk by this mural, they will be reminded of these 5 values and of their own potential for growth. This mural is a celebration of the legacy that Rosebank students are creating, and of the Rosebank community as a whole.

This project was made possible by the City of Chula Vista and the Chula Vista Library through the Create Chula Vista Visual Arts Grant and with support from Gensler San Diego.