ArtReach Mural Program

ArtReach believes in the power of community and art to change lives and spaces. A mural offers a chance for people to work together while creating something transformative and lasting for their site. We work directly with youth at schools and community centers in the ArtReach Mural Program to dream up collaborative site-specific murals that represent their vision.

We are here to find out what you see for your walls. What reflects and is important to your community?

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ArtReach mural program offers

  • Engagement in Creative Placemaking
  • Youth Collaboration: problem solving and achieving artistic success from concept to completion
  • Project Leadership: experienced management and team of professional Mural Teaching Artists
  • Art Skill Building: demos and hands-on creation with painting techniques, color theory, composition, and design
  • Mural Arts Education: historical and contemporary connections with a focus on San Diego mural makers
  • Community Paint Days: inviting wider community to connect through contribution

Artreach mural program instills

  • School/Center Pride
  • Individual Self-Confidence
  • Collaborative Empowerment
  • Learning New Art Skills
  • Transformation of Space

ArtReach Tailors Workshops to Your Needs: Create a painted mural anywhere on your campus. ArtReach is happy to fit your site’s aesthetic and curatorial requests that are appropriately tailored for your students’ ages and skill set.  Indoor and mobile murals on canvas are an option if your outside walls are not.

Ages: K-12
Location: Any school site or community center in San Diego County


Contact: Izzy Halpern , Mural Program Manager at