Xana Sofia Goulart, she/her

Resident Teaching Artist

Xana began her teaching journey after completing her B.A. in Visual and Public Art at California State University Monterey Bay in 2018. She became a Museum Educator with the Monterey Museum of Art where she taught classes and led workshops and museum tours for all ages. Currently, Xana is pursuing her Master in Art History at the Academy of Art University.

As a young artist growing up in East Side San Jose, attending public schools, outreach and afterschool programs like these were Xana’s only exposure to art education and real life working artists. She believes this impact is the reason she gained the confidence to pursue a career in the arts and is fulfilled to be paying it forward to the next generation of young artists.

Her approach to art emphasizes “doing it for the process”; promoting self-exploration because art is not limited to certain materials or techniques as the limit to creativity does not exist. She wants all her students to know that when it comes to art, the possibilities are endless and we all have a unique voice to share. Xana is rooted in the belief that art is a universal language that can inspire empathy and bridge gaps. Xana aims to create a safe and empowering environment where children can embrace their own creativity, develop self-confidence, and find beauty and community in diversity.