Unity of the Indigenous // June 2019

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SCAIR // Old Town

Mural Artists: Donald Gould + Regan Russell

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Led by Regan Russell and Donald Gould, this mural is located in the Sa’mall Lly Hapsh Garden space located at the Ballard Parent Center in Old Town, San Diego. Bold colors and powerful imagery celebrate and honor the local Kumeyaay culture. For six weeks, 12-15 youth and families from The Southern California American Indian Resource Center (SCAIR, Inc) met with the artists to learn about mural making from start to finish. 

Inspired by local Kumeaay culture, the mural incorporates imagery pertaining to the local landscape, culturally significant and sacred items, Native stories, as well as tobacco plants. SCAIR’s Sacred Pipe TUPE Program emphasizes the difference between commercial tobacco and ceremonial tobacco, and overall health and wellness for Native youth. This project is an opportunity for visitors to the Old Town area to better understand the customs, traditions and values of local Kumeyaay people who were the original inhabitants of the land Old Town sits on. This mural serves as a legacy project and helps contribute to the growing visibility of American Indian culture in the larger community.